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Features of the composition of the review.Criteria for a comprehensive assay of a work. A kind, short guide giving an answer to the question: how to write a review of the book? Review – analysis of the work, containing its bibliographic description, summary and reasonable assessment, in order to form a public attitude to the work.

The work can be assessed from the point of view of topical problems, take the form of reflections (essays) inspired by the reading of the book or be a detailed annotation in which the features of the composition are considered.

Complex analysis of the book can be based on the following criteria:

The meaning of the title, which, in the process of reading, is somehow interpreted, unraveled. The title of a good work is ambiguous, it is a kind of symbol, a metaphor that formulates the main thesis (idea) of a workapa dissertation format.

Features of the plot and composition, which can be identified based on the tone of the narrative, arranged accents (descriptions, dialogues, author’s notes), achieving the desired effect. Here it is worth paying attention to the order, the way and motivation of the narrative and the description of events, author’s reasoning, retreats, plug-in episodes, framingapa dissertation format.

The paper writer skill in depicting heroes can be determined by viewing the character’s portrait, his actions, experiences and speech, environment, landscape, plot. In other words, it should be noted how much the author managed to make the characters and their problems plausible, to reveal each of them, to understand the problem.

Style of the writer, determined on the basis of the analysis of artistic techniques (metaphors, comparisons, rhetoric and others), the richness of the author’s speech, the correspondence of subjects, etc. All this should make it clear what the writer’s work is different from others.

Summing up, I want to say: despite the fact that the review is considered one of the critical genres, i.e. implies a critical assay of the work, it is necessary to relate your opinion from the position of the author and to be as objective as possible. It is also believed that the review should consider the product taking into account its topicality, but do not forget that this approach is more predisposed to the analysis of new products.